Tom is a co-founder and CEO of Kaizen Compliance Solutions and a qualified barrister & solicitor in both English Laws and Sharia (Islamic Laws). He holds an LLB (Joint Honours), BL and LLM Degree in Commercial Law specializing in Money Laundering, Comparative Corporate Governance and Industrial Property Laws and he holds several professional qualifications in Risk Management, governance and regulatory compliance and is ICA and ACAMS certified. He has been involved in consulting, advisory and training services for over 20 years in AML, KYC, CDD, AB&C, Compliance, Sanctions and Risk Management within the banking, Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Payment Services, Financial Management Institutions & Legal service sectors. A former lecturer and speaker at the Cardiff Law School, City University London and London Business School on Money Laundering, he heads the consulting and training services within Kaizen. In 2017, Tom spoke at the Viadrina G20 Conference in Hamburg on Impact of Corruption and Compliance Integrity in Africa and is an activist on development in Africa.